[FANART] [HQ] Krystal & L – MyungStal Couple – ” Heartbreak Library “

Credit : myunglips

Shared by : Magnae Soojung



  1. aduuh .. spa tuw cowo ? B !

    1. audereyee · · Reply

      Infinite Myungsoo atau L

  2. wow my edit >< thanks for sharing it

    1. audereyee · · Reply

      You’re welcome 😀 anyways we must thankyou for your edit too ! that’s a cool picture !

  3. it’s okay, well thankyou so much. i want to ask you about krystal cut from High kick 3. I really hard to find of her cut video, could you please suggest me. Where could i find krystal’s cut?

  4. Kyaaaa~~
    Mereka berdua cocok sekali 🙂

  5. bgus posterx tp ktauan bgt cuma gnti ftox.. alx heartbreak library itu kn jdul film, trus tlisan nma lee dong wook, eugene n producerx kliatan tu….

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