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[1P] 130118 Amber, Krystal & Victoria visited Girls’ Generation in Music Bank

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[2P] Etude Endorsement

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[NEWS] 130117 Krystal, Sulli & Minho for High Cut Magazine

On January 17th, Minho, Sulli, and Krystal’s new pictorial for High Cut magazine was released They wore jeans and denim jackets, showing their refreshing spring looks. During the shooting, Sulli and Krystal showed great friendship, and Minho also got along with the two girls very well, looking like brother and sisters. SO, these are another […]

[3P] 130116 Krystal – Golden Disk Award

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[9P] 130116 Golden Disk Award 2012 Red Carpet

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[8P] 130118 Krystal – The Way Back to Seoul

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[14P] 130115 Krystal – Heading to Kuala Lumpur

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